Useful Contact Numbers
7 STAR HOTEL (Customer Service) 03-61429001
1. Ambulance/ Police 999
2. Civil Defence 991
3. Fire 994
4. St. John’s Ambulance 03-92851576
5. Red Cresent Society 03-42578726
1. Directory Service 103
2. International Calls 108
3. Faulty Line 100
4. Telekom PJ 1050/03-79569191
5. Telekom Malaysia Operator Assisted Calls 101
1. AAM breakdown Centre (Klang Valley) 1800-88-0808
2. TNB Hotline 15454
3. SYABAS Hotline 03-77812333
1. Assunta Hospital (PJ) 03-77823433
2. Damansara Specialist Hospital (PJ) 03-77222692
3 University Hospital (Emergency) 03-79502501
4. Pantai Hospital (Pantai Hill, KL) 03-22825077
5. Subang Jaya Medical Centre 03-56351212
6. Sunway Medical Centre (Sunway) 03-74919191
7. KPJ Healthcare 03-62871111
1. Bukit Aman 03-22626222
2. Petaling Jaya Police Headquater 03-79562222
3. Damansara Utama 03-77222222
4. Kota Damansara 03-61422222
1. KLIA Infoline 03-87778888
2. Malaysia Airlines 1300-88-3000
3. Air Asia 03-78096888
4 Pelangi Air 03-55110557
5. Berjaya Air 03-78468228
1. Star LRT 1800-38-8228
2. Putra LRT 03-76256999
3. KTM Commuter 03-22722828
4. KTM Railway Service 03-22738000
5. KTM(booking Ticket) 03-22743377
6. KLIA Express Link 03-22678000
1. City line cab 03-92222828/7878
2. Public Cab 03-62592020
3. Comfort Radio Taxi 03-62531313
4. Sunlight cab 03-90575757
5. Super cab 03-78753333
6. Shah Alam taxi 03-55191740
7. Wira 03-87873675
8. KLIA Limo/Taxi 03-87764452
9. KLIA bus Services 016-2176950
10. LCCT Bus Service 016-2178496
1. American Express 03-20500000
2. Diner's Club 03-27303388
3. MasterCard International 1800-80-4594
4. Visa International 03-20961779
1. Hotline(HO) 03-21496590
2. Enquiries 03-21496593
3. Customs 03-87872312
1. Tourism Malaysia Office 03-26158188
2. Tourism Infoline 1300-88-5050/5776
3. Talian Mesra 03-76563544
4. 24 hours Hotline 03-79542020
1. Macdonal 1300-13-1300
2. Domino Pizza 1300-88-8333
3. Pizza Hut 1300-88-2525
4. Burger King 1300-30-5555
5. Canadian Pizza 1300-88-0241
1. TGV 03-74922929
2. GSC 03-83123456
1. Kota Damansara @ GIant 03-61422108
2. Kelana Jaya 03-78030110
3. Bandar Utama 03-77282016



The Terms & Conditions of 7 Star Hotel are spelt out as follows, they are the general hospitality industry standard conditions, and which are applicable to all parties wishing to stay with 7 Star Hotel. When making a reservation and checking in into 7 Star Hotel you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms & Conditions at all times.


  1. We reserve the right to decline a booking or to refuse entry to accommodate any person(s) or group who in our opinion, are not suitable to occupy. In this case no reasons will need to be given and the contract shall be discharge without further liability on either party.
  2. If we are prevented by any circumstances beyond our control from making the accommodation available on the day of hire commencement, and cannot provide a suitable alternative, we will refund all monies already paid, but no further liability shall be accepted.


  1. Full payment of room charge (room reservation) is required upon making a reservation.
  2. All bookings will be held remain in provisional status for a period of one (1) week in good will, after which the room will be released for sale if deposit is not received.
  3. Room charges are to be paid in full upon check in (For walk in guests).
  4. Please make sure the details of your booking are correct, as we will not be responsible for any mistakes made by you.


  1. Notice of Cancellation is at least 72 hours before your ETA, (email or fax is acceptable) form of notice of cancellation prior to your ETA.
  2. For cancellations made more than 72 hours prior to the ETA, the deposit will be forfeited.
  3. If your cancellation is within 72 hours prior to the ETA or fail to take up your reserved accommodation for whatever reason, you will be liable for 1 night's accommodation of the room/bed surcharge. This charge will be on top of the advanced non-refundable deposit paid.
  4. By giving us your credit card details you are authorizing us to use this as security for your reservation, your accommodation, your unpaid cancellation charges (if any) and or unregistered extra guests.
  5. All credit card transactions are conducted in MYR. Due to exchange rate fluctuations there could be some variance in the amount refunded compared to initially charge. 7 Star Hotel accepts no liability for these variances, up or down.
  6. Preferred credit cards are Visa and MasterCard (a 3% surcharge applies to all transactions).


  1. Our Check-in time is at 02:00pm and our Check-out time is at 12:00pm.
  2. Late check-outs may be available upon prior arrangement; please liaise with the Front Desk to discuss into this option but subject to room availability, any check-out after 3:00pm, we will charge full room rate.
  3. Guests are expected to check-in within 6 hours of their ETA. Please advice 7 Star Hotel if there are any delays beyond this time.


  1. On check-in all guests will be provided linen, keys/smart cards and remotes. These items are the property of 7 Star Hotel and are to be returned upon check-out.
  2. All guests are required to pay a refundable deposit of RM50.00 per room upon Check-in.
  3. Any damages, lost and or removals (of keys, smart cards, remotes, linen or fixtures and fittings) will be charged to the individual concerned, or if appropriate, the Group Leader and the same will be charged.
  4. 7 Star Hotel Management reserves their absolute right to have access to rooms for the purpose of maintenance, cleaning or any other reason deemed appropriate.


  1. 7 Star Hotel shall not be held liable for the death, sickness or injury to any guest or for the loss, theft or damage to any guest property however sustained or caused delay or illness howsoever caused to the guest whilst on their trip.
  2. It is the responsibility of the guest to ensure that their belongings are secure at all times.

7) PETS  

  1. For convenient of others, pets are not permitted in 7 Star Hotel at any time except Guide Dogs.


  1. All rooms are design to accommodate number of person(s) according to the room type (i.e. Single Bed = 1pax, Twin/Queen Bed = 2pax, Triple Room = 3pax and Quad Room = 3-4pax). Any additional occupant may be accommodated in the same room (dependent on the size of the room) at an extra 'bed charge' but subject to availability.
  2. It is the responsibility of the guest to ensure that his/her behavior does not detrimentally affect the comfort or safety of other guests in the building.
  3. We reserve the right to repossess the accommodation at any time where any damage or inappropriate behavior has occurred. In such a case we shall not be liable to make a refund of any portion of the amount already paid.
  4. 7 Star Hotel Management stresses that the usage, possession, trafficking of illicit drugs is a serious offence in Malaysia, and may carry the death sentence.
  5. 7 Star Hotel strictly maintains No smoking in the premises for convenient of other guest. In the hotel compound, the quiet time for sleeping is from 2230 hours to 0700 hours.  
  6. Out of courtesy to other fellow guests, please be very quiet if you come in late or leave early. Listening of music or radio should be with headphones.
  7. 7 Star Hotel subscribes to eco-friendly ideas and guests are requested to avoid waste and to be economical in their use of electricity and water. Kindly deposit any waste that cannot be avoided into the appropriate waste baskets/dustbin.
  8. Please refrain from eating inside the room at all times.
  9. Please do not store food in your rooms, these will attract bugs.
  10. Please do not use your own sleeping bags at any time whilst at 7 Star Hotel.
  11. Guests are expected to leave their beds/rooms in a reasonable state and if not may be charge an extra cleaning fee as deemed appropriate by Management.
  12. All bed linen and towel is provided; you will however need to bring your own toiletries.
  13. Facilities within 7 Star Hotel are strictly for the in house guests. Access to 7 Star Hotel is restricted only to in-house guests
    at all times.
  14. Please register your guest at the Front Desk if you happen to bring friends or they come to meet you at 7 Star Hotel, and they are not allowed to enter the room, but only waiting/meeting at the common area.
  15. 7 Star Hotel reserves the right to amend add or delete any of the terms and conditions herein whenever appropriate without any notice whatsoever.

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